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Time for a Goal with a Finish Line.

Time for a goal.

An attainable goal.

An aspirational goal.

A goal with a finish line. But perhaps more importantly, a goal with a reason to step up to the starting line.

So let’s set some goals and anchor them in. A 90 day goal. Something not too far out in the future and not too immediate. Something challenging to reach but also easy to maintain.

What are a few outcomes you would like to see over the next 90 days? What is it that you want to EXPERIENCE? And how will this make you FEEL?

Once we know this “WHAT” and what that desired state will feel like, we need to give some time to understanding the “WHY”. WHY do we want it.

But here’s the cool thing … our WHY can change. It will change. Depending on our current circumstances and priorities, our motivations can take a turn. It is ok if one day you want to do it for one reason and then for an entirely different reason 3 months later. We are just playing around and learning about ourselves.

The aim isn’t to become some robot that has a single direction to an immovable goal.

Preprogrammed and unalterable.

But rather, that we channel all that is HUMAN within us, and recognize that those goals and the reasons behind those goals may change over time.

And not only should we accept that constant shifting, but we can also use it to our ADVANTAGE. Our tendency to want something new and fresh isn’t a limitation, but a superpower.

We adapt and we grow.

I challenge you to set a day.

To start this exercise grab a piece of paper we can view our thoughts clearly on a single page.

In a simple 2-Part exercise, write out:

What I want is: (your goal)

What will having this goal do for me?: (list out all the benefits of achieving this goal)

You might need to do some digging and continuously keep answering the second question until you land on something that will drive you to make this change and meet this goal.

Perhaps that driver is even something that has held me back in the past.

One example would be someone that wanted to lose weight and feel great in a bikini.

As a coach I would ask them what will losing weight do for you ?

Often we find it is not just a simple wish to lose weight, but a want for a connection to something greater. Whether it be a desire to have a stronger connection with their partner, an ability to play outside with their children, or the hope of a borderline diabetic to get their health back on track.

Our WHYS are many. Our WHYS have meaning.

When you list out these reasons, rate them on a scale of 1-10. 10 being extremely important.

Anything above an 8, latch on to that.

Make that your WHY.

But also feel the freedom to know you can revisit this WHY anytime.

And if it changes, that’s fine.

You’ll adapt and grow with it.

But you’ll adapt and grow with at least a tenable, achievable goal in mind.

You will then have a finish line.

And now it’s just up to you to say GO.

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