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Two Ways Stress Accumulates in our Bodies and What to do about it.

#1 With the certain foods we eat, such as refined sugars.

(1) You eat a refined sugar that breaks down very fast in your body.

(2) It gives you a quick burst of energy.

(3) You brain starts to sense you are in danger from the quick boost, causing insulin to be released bringing your blood sugar down, fast. Also known as a crash.

(4) Now your body is in a depleted state and is craving more sugar to balance it out - so we eat more sugar, placing our body in a hamster wheel of stress.

#2 Being in a high stress work environment.

(1) You are engaging in a high stress activity.

(2) Your fight, flight or freeze response kicks in.

(3) You brain is sensing danger. Your blood rushes from your heart to your hands and feet for quick moving and thinking. Cortisol is released and to much of it can cause fat accumulation.

(4) We try to balance the stress with another stressful activity such as binge eating or drinking or negative self talk. All which throws us back into another stress loop.

Both examples lead to:

(1) Moodiness - which can cause depression over time

(2) Fatigue, difficultly concentrating & brain fog

(3) Not meeting life goals

(4) Over or under Eating

In short, both examples cause a destructive relationship where our bodies are constantly trying to restore balance from each activity.

In no way am I saying that insulin and cortisol are 100% bad or that you should not eat sweet things again. it is being on a hamster wheel that releases both of those hormones constantly that is causing us more harm than good.

So, now what?

There a many things we can do to adjust the stress level in our lives.

Slowing down is the most important one.

When we slow down our metabolism goes up, we can make better decisions, so we can be energized and actually have energy to do the work to meet our lifestyle goals.

Slowing down can be seen as taking a 5 minute meditation break, doing a "brain dump" in a journal, eating slowly or showing appreciation of art or nature.

Next time you are able to eat or engage in a stressful activity. Think again, because stress does show - in your bank account, in your relationships, your health, your spirituality and your career.

Over stressing out?

Then feel free to book a discovery call to chat about how to reduce the stress in your life.

Talk soon!

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