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Health Coaching

My 90 Day 1:1 coaching program, Unleash Your Potential, is designed to get you from feeling stuck in your state of health and becoming the leading authority in your health and body.


Each week we meet via zoom and discuss on how you can become more in tune with your thoughts, feelings and emotions that guide your everyday choices. To increasingly feel more confident and know exactly what your body needs and how to provide it.


During the first month together we build on your intuition by focusing on the right foods for your body and setting boundaries for yourself. You will also start to recognize the signals of the body. This helps you build a foundation for sustainable results. 


In week 5-6 we start to recognize your self-sabotaging behaviors around your relationship with food, meet your inner rebel and start to replace them with healthy habits. We will start to have the conversation on meditation and breathing techniques to lower your overall stress level. 


During week 7-10 you will continue to learn techniques on managing stress and put them to practice. Together we will step into your personal power and strengthen your practice of having a healthy sustainable balanced lifestyle. 


In week 11-12 you will have created a new baseline and new foundation to create new goals! Together we will start to envision more goals for you life and start to create the foundation for your new journey.

90 Day 1:1 Coaching Program

Weekly 45 minute calls via zoom 

Unlimited email and text support 

1 emergency session, because life happens

Selfie in Nature

Healthy Lifestyle

Learn how to build healthy habits, while enjoying the balanced lifestyle you desire.

Healthy Diet

Intuitive Eating

Start to become the leading authority in your life by turning inwards to your own thoughts, feelings and emotions. Learn how to decrease emotional and binge eating behaviors that once ruled your life. 

Image by Roland Hechanova


Overcome self sabotage and limited beliefs so you can learn how to get off the hamster wheel, gain the confidence to love being in your skin and reduce anxiety. 

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